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Chambered Nautilus Shell 4-5"

Chambered Nautilus Shell 4-5"

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Nautilus are most closely related to squid and octopus. The shells have a series of chambers connected by a tube. When it is born a Nautilus will have just 4 chambers but it will add more as it grows, as many as 30 chambers on average. The chambers contain a mixture of gas and seawater which amounts are adjusted to allow it to raise or sink in the water like a submarine.

The Nautilus itself have up to 90 arms they it uses to catch fish and crabs to feed on. The arms have tiny hairs that are coated with a sticky substance to help them catch and hold on to their prey.

Care Instructions

Dust sealife with compressed air or soak in a mixture of bleach and water to clean. Do not scrub or use harsh chemicals as this will damage the coral.


5 in to 4 in

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Sea Shell

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