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Cactus Coral

Cactus Coral

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Size: 12 in to 14 in
Weight: 8 lb

**CORAL IS OUR MOST FRAGILE PRODUCT** We will cushion and protect every shipment to our utmost capabilities, but breakage is still likely during transit. Please reach out to us with pictures if major damage is sustained during shipping.

Corals are not plants, but animals that permanently attach themselves to the ocean floor. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors but each have tiny tentacle-like arms that are used to capture food, such as plankton or small fish, from the water and sweep them in to their mouths. A large piece that we may call a coral is actually made up of up to hundreds of thousands of these tiny coral creatures called polyps.

There are hundreds of coral species in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some corals can even produce fluorescent pigmented molecules which are thought to protect it from ultraviolet light.

Care Instructions

Dust sealife with compressed air or soak in a mixture of bleach and water to clean. Do not scrub or use harsh chemicals as this will damage the coral.

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A Coastal Feeling

Find the perfect shells or other sealife to go with the coral. We've collected items from oceans all over the world that can be placed in your home to give it a coastal feel. Just because you can't be on vacation doesn't mean you can't feel like it every day.

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