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Giant Frog Shell

Giant Frog Shell

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Frog shells are closely related to triton shells and get their name from their warty appearance. Like conch shells they have the effect of hearing the ocean when held to your ear. The snails of a giant frog shell are carnivorous and active predators that use an anaesthetic saliva to lull their prey indefensible.

Like other large shells such as the conch and triton, giant frog shells can be a fun and true focal piece in any decor.

Care Instructions

Clean shells with mild soap and use baby oil or mineral oil to give them a shiny coat and help them last longer.


9 in to 12 in

1.7 lb


Sea Shell

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The Giant Frog shell is beautiful and large!

One Small Treasure

Accent your space with something that stands out against the rest of your home's decor. Or find that missing piece that brings everything together. Either way one small treasure can make the difference between ordinary and remarkable.

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