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Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone

Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone

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A gabbro is a type of igneous rock chemically identical to basalt. While basalt forms quickly near the Earth’s surface, gabbro forms slowly underground in the crust. This allows its different mineral components to form patterned visible grains. The name is derived from the village of Gabbro in Tuscany, Italy where it was first documented scientifically.

Indigo Gabbro is also called Mystical Merlinite which nickmname links it to Merlin, the famous wizard from British mythology.

The Stone of Magic and Spiritual Evolution, Indigo Gabbro is said to be great for spiritualality and intuition, a grounding stone with the ability to connect you with your higher consciousness. Some believe it to be powerful in aiding the birth of talents and abilities that you weren’t aware of.


Indigo Gabbro

Country of Origin



3 cm to 4 cm each

81 g / 3.2 oz


Third Eye, Root, & Crown




Taurus & Cancer

Care information

Most gemstones can be cleaned with water and mild detergent. Use a soft cloth or soft brush such as a baby brush or toothbrush with soft bristles to scrub them if necessary. Avoid scrubbing too hard and scratching the stone. Rinse and dry the stone with a soft, lint-free cloth. To add shine we suggest using a food grade silicone spray and buffing with a lint free cloth.

All of our gems and crystals are natural stone and may therefore have imperfections, blemishes, and variations. Please examine the product pictures carefully before making your purchase. Crystals and gems are in no way guaranteed to help, promote, heal, or cure any ailment either physical, mental, or spiritual. Healing powers listed are strictly anecdotal.

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