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Lettered Cone 3-3.5"

Lettered Cone 3-3.5"

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Cone snails are among the most venomous creatures on earth with the most toxic being the textile, geographic, and tulip snails. The cone snail captures their prey with a harpoon like tooth called a radula that they use to repeatedly jab into their prey while injecting toxic venom. Cone snail venom can also be deadly to humans so it's not the best idea to pick up a shell you may find on the beach without knowing whether it contains a snail.

Cone shells have intricate patterns that have evolved over time and can help distinguish between the different varieties of cone snails.

Care Instructions

Clean shells with mild soap and use baby oil or mineral oil to give them a shiny coat and help them last longer.


3 in to 3.5 in

2 oz


Cone Shell

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