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Salt Flat Trading Co.

Tapestry Turbo Polished 2-3"

Tapestry Turbo Polished 2-3"

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Turbos, also known as turbans, are top shaped shells that were once home to any variety of over several hundred species of vegetarian sea snail. Turbos are scattered through the ocean and tropical seas.

Specs: Shell Openings are measured from the knuckle to the widest opening. Each shell will vary.

Care Instructions

Clean shells with mild soap and use baby oil or mineral oil to give them a shiny coat and help them last longer.


3 in to

1.2 oz


Sea Shells

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Customer Reviews

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These shells were okay. To me, the design on them and the fact they were polished made them look “fake” to me. I understand they weren’t and I don’t blame the seller at all. This is just my opinion.

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